Os Equi

Os Equi is the studio of Csongor Bartus (formerly @metamn) focussing on design systems.

While new design systems and component libraries pop up every week, as of March 2021 Amazon lists four books on the subject. Practice is ahead of theory in this particular field.

Companies rush to roll their own with or without success. For AirBnb it took four years to find a theoretical foundation upon which their design system implementation can scale.

To give a head start for companies planning to adopt design systems the studio spent six months research and development time to understand the concept, explore its boundaries, map the ecosystem and come up with:

  1. A complete theory based on existing software design patterns.
  2. An analytical framework to explore current and future common practices.
  3. A set of example apps in React and Typescript featuring full code coverage testing and live, auto-generated documentation.

The end result is innovative yet familiar. It breaks the habit of hacking. Instead, it treats design systems as an API and React, Typescript, CSS-in-JS as programming languages where standard theory apply.

That makes adoption gentle. And suits companies starting their own adventure in design systems. It offers a stable and scalable base and saves time spent with tedious yet herculean efforts puzzling the pieces together.

For details and collaboration requests please feel free to send an email to hi@osequi.com. Thank you.